If you’re wondering how to edit packages in Dubsado or customize packages for a client, you’re in the right place.

Dubsado packages make it really easy to quickly and easily create invoices or proposals and send them to clients. However, nothing is static in business and sometimes you need to edit your packages or create a custom proposal for a client. This article will explain how to do that. You’ll find both written, visual walk-throughs and a video to make it easy to find something that fits your learning style.

How to Easily Edit Packages in Dubsado or Create Custom Packages

How to Edit Packages in Dubsado or Create Custom Packages

I’m going to walk you through a couple of different ways to update/edit packages, depending on the situation. We’re going to cover updating your packages that are used for invoices/proposals. Then we’re going to cover how to update a package on a proposal or invoice that’s been applied to a client. This is great when you need to edit the deliverables or change the price for one specific client.

If you’re just updating your packages (ex. You’re changing your prices.) and you want that change to be permanent, follow these directions.

  1. Go to the Templates section and click Packages.
  2. Then choose the package that you want to edit.
  3. After that, click Settings over here on the right, and then click the drop-down on the far right and scroll down.
  4. You’ll see the form to edit your package.
  5. Go in and make any changes that you want to make to your packages. Once everything looks good, be sure to follow the directions below to save your changes.
Video walkthrough of how to edit packages or create custom packages for a client.

To Save the Changes After Editing Packages

When everything looks good, click Save Item and then always click Update Templates. You’ll get a pop-up window that tells you where the package is used and asks if you’d like to update it. Click Yes. And that’s going to update the proposal where this is used. Then you’re all set. Your package is updated and saved.

What if You Just Want to Create a Custom Package for One Client?

Sometimes you might want to just change the deliverables or price for one client. Rather than create a package JUST for that, you can simply edit the copy of the package that’s been applied to the client. Here’s how to do that.

Prep Work to Create a Custom Package for a Client

First of all, you’ll want to add an invoice or proposal to the client. Then add the package to the proposal or invoice. Once these have been added to the client, THEN you can click edit package. The following actions will ONLY make changes to the copy of the package that’s applied to this client (NOT your package templates.)

Instructions to Edit a Package for a Specific Client

  1. Click on the package you want to change.
  2. Then look to far left-hand side, (just over the package selection dropdown) click Edit package.
  3. Click the drop-down caret. Click Edit, and scroll down.
  4. Then you’ll see the package form. Make any changes you want to apply only to this client.
  5. Click Save item.
  6. Then make sure to scroll back up inside of this window and click apply (it’s really easy to miss this step.)
  7. Click save and then you can send the proposal or invoice to your client.

To Wrap it Up

There you have it the two ways that you can edit your packages. I hope you find this helpful. Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions at [email protected].

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