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Amy Gould


I'm Amy, Dubsado Specialist & Systems Strategist for creative entrepreneurs

When I started my business as a Dubsado Specialist and Systems Strategist, it didn’t take long to figure out that time was extremely finite and if I wanted to make more money, I needed to figure out how to automate repetitive client management tasks so I could focus on serving my clients.

Pretty quickly, I realized that non everyone loves tech the way that I do and I could help other creative entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of systems and automation, so I started setting up Dubsado and showing other business owners how they could uplevel their client experience while working less.

As a business owner, wife and mom to seven fur kiddos, I know how important time is.

I’m all about work-life balance and making time for the people and things that light me up. If I’m not working on Dubsado setups or recording content for my YouTube channel, I’m having fun trying a new recipe, taking a yoga class, or cruising around town on my moped.

My Core Values

Time is Valuable

Eliminate repetitive work through thoughtful automation to make more of your most precious resource. TIME!

Client Experience

Constantly look for ways to improve client experience and deliver it consistantly.


Life is meant to be lived. We can’t pour into other people if we don’t pour into ourselves first.


We care deeply about our clients and the people on this team.

What I Believe

Life’s too short to spend it doing admin work.

Amy Gould Dubsado Expert
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When you’re running a business and balancing a family, time is always tight. Ready to grow your business with less time?

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