Are you struggling to convert leads into paying customers? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore how Dubsado’s Lead Management CRM can revolutionize your approach to client connections, helping you to generate more revenue by closing more sales.

A well-implemented CRM system can be a game-changer for your small businesses because it can help to streamline lead management, increase sales productivity, and boost overall business success. With Dubsado as your lead management CRM, you can effectively nurture leads throughout the entire customer journey, from initial contact to final purchase (and beyond, but that’s a topic for the other blog posts in this series.)

This article dives into the various benefits of implementing a Lead Management CRM, including:

  • improved lead quality
  • reduced response times
  • enhanced lead tracking
  • leads that arrive at your Discovery calls ready to book (aka fewer, “let me think about it”, “nows not a good time calls,” and “it’s not in my budget calls.” ) Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
How to Use a CRM to Connect with Your Ideal Clients and Increase Revenue Through Lead Management

How Does Dubsado Help You Better Manage Leads?

When your leads fill out a Dubsado lead capture form or schedule an appointment (and fill out the attached lead capture form), their information is automatically captured and organized lead in a central database. (One place, not the spreadsheet on your computer, a sticky note on your desk (or a virtual one on your phone), and several emails in your Gmail account.) This makes it much easier to track and manage interactions, customize communication, and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks.

Not only that, but you can automate what happens after that, which means that your lead gets a response from you right away with more information, the next steps to work with you, and a proposal so they can sign up to get started while they’re interested in working with you, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at step one.

Streamlining the First Step: Making Client Interaction Effortless

The Connect Phase revolves around making it easy for potential clients to take the first step toward working with you. This step could involve various actions, from filling out an application (lead capture form) to booking an appointment (using Dubsado’s scheduler) or even purchasing a service directly from your webpage (with a Public Proposal). Here’s where Dubsado’s Lead Management CRM steps in to simplify the process.

With Dubsado, you can embed customizable lead capture forms right on your website. These forms can range from basic email and name inputs to applications with lots of questions. By collecting essential information, you can gain insights into your potential client’s needs, preferences, and timelines. More importantly, you can merge a scheduler with the lead capture form, enabling clients to book appointments effortlessly. This approach allows you to understand your prospects better before the initial call and gives you an opportunity to do your homework ahead of the call, but that’s not all.

Automated Responses for Swift Follow-Up

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, timely follow-ups are pivotal. Take too long to respond to an inquiry and leads may have already moved on to someone else and booked with them. Dubsado’s Lead Management CRM ensures you never miss a beat. Once a potential client submits a form or inquiry, the system can automatically trigger a response. This immediate acknowledgment assures prospects that their inquiry has been received, enhancing their confidence in your professionalism.

Make it More Than JUST a Follow-Up Email

Here’s where you can change the game though. You can add things to that initial response that help to educate your leads and inform them on why you and your business might be the best choice for them. Things like links to a portfolio, blog posts you’ve written on how to choose a [fill in your service here], Tips for [doing the thing they’re trying to do], or Common Misconceptions About [fill in your service here.] Instead, you could link to videos on these same topics. Want some more amazing advice on this? Check out this podcast episode from Promote Yourself to CEO all about pre-sales education. I highly recommend it. Game Changer!

Add Social Proof

I also recommend putting testimonials at the bottom of your lead follow-up emails. All of these will help to educate and inform your leads BEFORE they get on a call with you, making it more likely that they’ll be ready to book with you. The best part is this email will automatically get sent to EVERY lead which will create a consistent experience for all of your leads.0

Elevating Project Management with Custom Project Statuses

As a business owner, managing leads and projects efficiently is paramount. Dubsado’s Lead Management CRM offers a game-changing feature: custom project statuses. You can categorize leads and clients according to their journey stages, from initial inquiry to onboarding and beyond. This helps you stay organized, ensuring no potential opportunity falls through the cracks.

Furthermore, Dubsado’s workflow actions enable you to automate the movement of clients between project statuses. Meaning your system stays organized without you having to take time out to keep it organized. (I don’t know about you, but if I had to keep it organized, it wouldn’t happen. There’s too much else going on in my business.)

Example of a cold lead workflow for wedding photographers
Example of a Cold Lead Workflow for a Wedding Photographer

Effortless Follow-Up: Nurturing Leads with Automation

In the Connect Phase, some prospects may not proceed immediately, but that doesn’t mean they’re lost opportunities. With Dubsado’s automation capabilities, you can design workflows that trigger follow-up emails to prospects who haven’t progressed. Whether they haven’t completed a proposal or need more information, these automated messages keep your business on their radar and help you close more sales.

I typically create a cold email sequence for my clients that circles back to encourage leads to take the next step. Sometimes it includes a Frequently Asked Question email, links to case studies, or other information in case it’s just a matter of too little information.

Empowering Prospects with Public Proposals

Another potent tool in the Connect Phase is the ability to present public proposals on your website. Dubsado empowers you to create public proposals. These allow clients to choose an option, select add-ons, sign a contract, and pay right from your website. This feature not only speeds up the onboarding process but also saves you time if the lead is ready to purchase from you now.

Conclusion: Embrace the Power of Dubsado’s Lead Management CRM to Ditch Overwhelm and Close More Sales

Today’s business world is all about making the most of every opportunity. That’s where Dubsado‘s Lead Management CRM steps in, tailored just for you – a savvy businesswoman looking to ditch the admin hassle. By blending lead forms, easy scheduling, automated responses, and personalized project stages, Dubsado sets the scene for an unforgettable Connect Phase. You’re not just streamlining – you’re crafting an incredible start to your client relationships.

Ready to make waves? Dive into Dubsado’s Lead Management CRM. It’s your ticket to converting more leads into loyal clients. Say goodbye to missed chances and hello to a seamless, successful Connect Phase. Let’s give your clients an experience they’ll remember, and your business the boost it deserves.

Ready to transform your Connect Phase, but want help? Book a Discovery Call with me and learn how I can help you automate and transform your client experience using the power of Dubsado’s Lead Management CRM. Wave goodbye to lost leads and hello to a warm, efficient client journey. Let’s make your business shine!

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