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Improve Your New Client Onboarding with a Welcome Packet

January 17, 2023


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Want to create an amazing new client onboarding experience? I recommend upgrading your usual new client welcome letter to a welcome packet. What’s the difference? With a welcome packet, you can combine several items that you might normally send separately into one beautiful package that is easy for clients to skim (and doesn’t make their eyes glaze over like a long drawn-out new client welcome letter might.) It allows you to add more graphic elements that break up the text visually and reflect your brand too.

New Client Welcome Letter Alternative the Welcome Packet
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Example of a welcome packet cover page used for new client onboarding designed in Canva

Why is a New Client Welcome Letter or Welcome Packet Important?

First of all, it allows you to send something to a client right away after they sign the contract and pay the invoice welcoming them to your business. It’s an important part of new client onboarding because it allows you to establish boundaries and let clients know what to expect from you. This sets the tone for your work together and helps to minimize the fear that often sets in after purchasing something…. did I make a mistake?

Here are Some Things to Include in Your New Client Welcome Packet

  • A short welcome paragraph telling them how excited you are to work with them. Tip: Use a smart field to add their name.
  • A photo of you so they know who they’re working with.
  • Your office hours.
  • How to communicate with you or send you information that you might need.
  • A checklist of items that you need from your client to get started.
  • Questionaire with fillable fields(This is information that you need to have answered before you start to work together.)
  • Where to access their client portal.
  • Other important links they may need.
  • Testimonials from past clients.
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Example of a welcome page designed in Canva

One Option for Creating Completely Customized Client Welcome Packets

You could use a program like Canva to create a beautiful welcome packet. It’s a great way to create a completely customized welcome packet. They have beautiful templates that you can use as a starting point (or as inspiration for your Dubsado forms.) You can easily share a link to the form that can be added to a canned email. This is great if you frequently update your welcome packet information because it would always be up to date. View an example here. It’s not a real business, this is just something I made up to show Canva welcome packets.

Drawbacks to Canva Forms

Canva forms are a great option. However, it wouldn’t allow you to include fillable forms or checklists like Dubsado can. This would mean that you’d have to send a separate questionnaire as a part of your new client onboarding process. It’s important to make this process as simple and painless as possible. You want new clients to see how easy it is to work with you.

(It also wouldn’t allow you to customize the information on the form to directly address your client as I show in the image above (unless you manually enter it.) You are probably on my site because you want to create a new client onboarding experience that WOWs without creating extra work for yourself.

Example Dog Groomer Meet the Team page of welcome kiet
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Example of a Dog Groomer Welcome Packet Created on Canva View the live form here.

Dubsado Makes it Easy to Build and Send a Gorgeous Welcome Packet as a Part of Your New Client Onboarding

The new drag-and-drop form builder uses containers to create up to four columns in a section. (You can even create more by layering containers). With the graphic block you can add images or elements that you design in Canva. (In fact, the welcome packet that I created for my business below is inspired by a Canva welcome packet template.)

There are other Dubsado form elements that you can use to design your form such as.

  • Text blocks – These are elements that you can use to add headings or paragraphs of text, just like a Word or Google Document.
  • Images – You can use these blocks to add graphic elements such as photos, graphs, designs that you created in Canva, videos, etc.
  • Dividers – These create a visual divide between sections.
  • Spacers – These add white space between elements.

Dubsado Form Elements that Let You Collect Information from Clients to Improve Your New Client Onboarding Process

There are other Dubsado form elements that let you collect (or organize information from clients). With these elements, you can create short (or elaborate questionnaires).

  • Short Answer questions – Collect small amounts of information from a client.
  • Free Response questions – Allow a client to write longer responses.
  • Date Select – Ask a client date-related questions.
  • Project Tracking – Ask clients how they found you, which can help you create better marketing plans in the future.
  • Dropdown – Have clients choose one answer from a set of answers.
  • Checkboxes – Allows clients to choose from multiple options. I love to use these for checklists which allow clients to tell me what they’ve completed.
  • Multiple choice – Allows clients to choose an option from several options. Ex. What would you consider the overall style of your wedding? Classic, Contemporary, Country, Modern
  • File Uploader – This element allows clients to upload files to their project. Ex. a photo of their wedding veil.
  • HTML Block – You can use these blocks to add custom HTML to your form.

Pro Tip: Map the answers to questions to custom-mapped smart fields to save important info in project records to refer back to later. (Otherwise, you’ll have to pull up the form where they entered the information to view it there.)

Here are examples of New Client Welcome Packets that I’ve Created

This is an example of a client welcome packet that I created for an ads manager.
This is just a template that I built for my DFY Dubsado Setup Service

To Wrap It Up

These are just a couple of ideas to get you started on your journey to create a beautiful and engaging welcome packet to create an awesome first impression with your new clients.

Hopefully, this post inspired you to create a beautiful welcome packet to add to your new client onboarding process. It’s a great way to welcome clients and create a great first impression as well as to share some valuable information in a more bite-sized and engaging way.

Want Help Creating Beautifully Designed and Branded Forms?

If you’d like help creating beautifully designed forms or designing workflows to automate your business, I offer a two-hour system strategy session that you can use to create beautiful forms, map out workflows, or anything else on your tech to-do list.

If you’d prefer to have me set up your entire Dubsado account for you (and take away the stress out of figuring out process mapping and automation), click here to book a free discovery call.

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