Dubsado is a fantastic CRM, but it’s not designed for email marketing. Manually adding every new lead to your email marketing software is time consuming (and a huge bore.)With a simple Zap, between Dubsado and your email marketing software, you can skip the data entry. Thankfully, it’s super simple to integrate your Dubsado to your email marketing software (like ConvertKit or FloDesk) using Zapier. (Note the screenshots in this post show ConvertKit because that’s what I use. You’ll have to tweak things a bit to fit your email marketing software.)

What You’ll Need to Integrate Dubsado

  • A Dubsado Account
  • A Zapier Account (the free version is fine for this.)
  • An email marketing tool that integrates with Zapier (ex. ConvertKit or FloDesk.)
  • A List to Zap to (you just need to setup the tags and list that you’d like people to be sent to.)
Image shows instructions on where to click in Dubsado to get the integration token for Zapier to integrate Dubsado with your Email Marketing Tool.
Step 1. Getting the Token from Dubsado

Step 1. Integrate Dubsado with Zapier

Log into your Dubsado account. Then click the gear icon (account settings) in the upper right corner. Click on integrations and click the button under Zapier to generate tokens. Then copy the generated code. Go back to your Zapier account

Screenshot of the settings to use in Zapier to integrate Dubsado with ConvertKit.
Step 2. Go into Zapier and setup the Zap to integrate Dubsado with your email marketing software
Once you choose the apps and what you’d like to happen. Click try. You’ll need to Sign In to Dubsado by adding the Token (API key) from Dubsado.

Step 2. Set up Your Zap

Take a deep breath and set up your Zap. Click over to your Zapier dashboard (there’s an aqua one in a circle on the image) and enter the information as shown. If you’d prefer that new jobs are entered Instead of new leads then choose New Project as Job. You can also choose to add someone to a sequence instead of a form. If you’d like to do that, under the Email Marketing side, change the drop down to Add Subscriber to Sequence. (You’ll need to have a sequence set up to do that. It might also be useful to setup a tag specific to people who are added through your Dubsado Zap.)

Note: Once you’ve chosen Dubsado and your email marketing tool and what you want to happen, you’ll need to click Try It. Zapier will ask you to “login to Dubsado.” What it’s really asking for is the Token (or API key) from Dubsado.

Zaps are super simple, just follow the on screen prompts. Be sure to run the tests and follow all of the instructions and click the blue buttons. I’ve shared my Zap between Dubsado and ConvertKit here if you’d like to cut out a few steps.

Enjoy Growing your Email List Without the Extra Work!

Now that you’ve integrated your Dubsado to your email marketing software, you can skip all that extra data entry! New leads will automatically get added for you.

Bonus tip, you can also add new email subscribers to your Dubsado account as leads. To do this, go into Zapier and follow the screenshot below. Would you like more Dubsado tips and tricks? Send me an email and let me know what you’d like to read about next. [email protected].

Bonus Tip: No Zap Required

I saw this technique used by a few other people and I really loved it. Create a page on your website that congratulates someone for taking the next step to work with you. (Don’t include this in your navigation) You could also add a video of yourself welcoming them and telling them how excited you are to meet with you. Then add a simple opt-in form under that with a call to action that might cause someone to want to join your email list. Add some client testimonials at the bottom of the page. Add a link to this page in the advanced settings on your lead capture forms.

To Wrap it Up

It’s relatively quick and easy to integrate your email marketing tool into Dubsado. This will save you the time and hassle of entering new clients into your email marketing tool. If you’d like to get an audit of your Dubsado setup by a Certified Dubsado Pro, schedule a free Systems Strategy Call with me.