Are you tired of sending the same emails repeatedly in your business? Whether it’s reaching out to new leads, reminding clients of appointments, or requesting feedback, dealing with repetitive emails can be time-consuming. But fear not! We have a solution that will save you valuable time and ensure consistent, professional communication – Dubsado Email Templates.

The Power of Email Templates: A Time-Saving Game Changer

Imagine having pre-designed email drafts that you can use with just a few clicks. These email templates can be personalized to your clients, saving you hours each week. By creating templates for different scenarios, such as initial inquiries, appointment confirmations, and project updates, you can deliver customized messages quickly while maintaining your brand voice.

Meet Dubsado – Your Organizational Superhero

To supercharge your email template game, we recommend using Dubsado – a robust CRM and business management platform. With Dubsado, you can efficiently manage client information, projects, and communications all in one place. It’s like having an organizational superhero at your disposal! (Want to learn more about Dubsado, read my post all about Dubsado.)

Canned Emails – Your Time-Saving Sidekick

Within Dubsado, you’ll find the “Canned Emails” feature, which allows you to manage your email templates effortlessly. These pre-configured templates reside in your Dubsado account and are equipped with dynamic fields that automatically populate with client-specific information. This means each email sent is personalized to your valued clients without any manual data entry. You can create canned emails for every step of your client journey and every situation that you regularly encounter.

Email Templates that I Recommend Creating

These are just a few of the emails that I recommend creating to streamline your business and save you tons of time each week.

  • Lead follow-up that’s sent immediately after someone fills out the lead capture form on your website.
  • An email that’s sent after you’ve determined that they’re a good fit to work with you (differs by industry.)
  • A not a good fit email.
  • An email or two following up with leads telling them more about what you do and sending resources.
  • Payment reminder emails for 7 days before, on the date due, and after the date due.
  • Send an appointment scheduler to book a discovery call or client consultation.
  • Appointment confirmation emails.
  • Appointment reminders. (Remember to include instructions on how to cancel/reschedule easily.)
  • Project update. (Here’s what’s been done, here’s what’s next.)
  • A series of emails following up on proposals that were sent out and not completed.
  • A message that onboards your client, sets expectations, shows them the client portal (if you’re using it.)
  • An offboarding email to schedule your offboarding call.
  • Request a testimonial.
  • Circle back a month or two later to see how they’re doing

Benefits of Email Templates and Dubsado:

Personalized Communication: Address clients by name and reference specific project details, showing them that you value their business.

Timely Responses: Respond promptly to inquiries, appointment requests, and more, with the option to automate certain responses using Dubsado workflows.

Consistent Brand Experience: Deliver a consistent brand experience with each interaction, reinforcing your professionalism and reliability.

Efficient Project Updates: Keep clients informed every step of the way with just a few clicks using email templates. You can easily outsource client management if the email templates are already written.

Get Our Canned Email Pack to Jump Start this Process

To make your life even easier, we’ve created a starter pack of 20 top-notch canned email templates. You can easily customize these templates to suit your business needs and paste them into Dubsado, Google Docs, Outlook, or any other email software.

(I get it, not EVERYONE loves Dubsado like me or finds it to be the best fit for their business. A lot of my clients are torn between Dubsado and HoneyBook. I wrote a blog post comparing HoneyBook and Dubsado if you’d like to compare the two.)

With this diverse collection of pre-designed templates, you can effortlessly manage appointments, request payments, send personalized proposals, and express gratitude, all while elevating your business’s professionalism.

In addition to the 20 canned emails, you’ll receive:

  • 16 additional emails to help you customize Dubsado’s system emails.
  • Video instructions for setting up canned emails and your email signature in Dubsado.
  • HTML code to create a custom email signature for a branded touch.

Experience the Power of Streamlined Communication Today

Take your client interactions to new heights with our Canned Email Pack. Say goodbye to tedious email writing and hello to more time for meaningful client relationships. Get the Canned Email Pack now! Even if you choose to go and spend the time writing your own canned email templates from scratch, you’ll still save a ton of time once you’ve finished because you’ll never have to write the same emails over and over again.

Want to get one-on-one help mapping out your client processes or help with HoneyBook or Dubsado? Book a FREE consultation here or schedule a 90 Minute one on one session with me today.

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