Hey there, photographers! 📸 Are you tired of spending more time wrangling contracts and invoices than capturing those picture-perfect moments? Well, grab your favorite lens and get ready to focus because today, I’m going to show you how Dubsado CRM can be your photography business assistant!

How Dubsado CRM Can Snap Your Photography Business Into Shape
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Let’s face it, as photographers, you live for those magical moments behind the camera. But when it comes to the business side of things, it can feel like emails, admin tasks and client management are never ending. 📝💻 That’s where Dubsado CRM swoops in to manage your admin tasks for you.

In this blog post, I’m going to share how you can:

Follow up with leads automatically and get more clients

Streamline your onboarding

Get all of your communication, appointments, contracts, invoicing, etc. in one place.

Schedule appointments with clients even when you’re at a shoot, sleeping or hanging out with your family.

Create an amazing client experience effortlessly and on autopilot.

Save time and money by automating your repetitive admin tasks. Just think what you could do with that extra time (or better yet, what your VA could do instead of handling all that)…

pitch you for a podcast interview

pitch you for media articles, reply to warm leads, and help you book more calls… there’s a lot of possibility there.

Let’s get started! (This post does include an affiliate link to save 20% off Dubsado, it’s my favorite business tool, so of course I’m going to share it and I do get a small kickback if you sign up. Think of it as buying me a cup of coffee to say thanks for sharing such an awesome tool! 😀

So, why should you consider a CRM for your photography business?

It Allows You to Follow up with Leads Efficiently:

Let’s dive into the picture-perfect benefits of using Dubsado as a CRM for your photography business.

Your leads are most likely to book with you if they hear back soon after they inquire through your website. (Honestly, they’ve probably sent more than one inquiry.) The person who follows up the fastest is more likely to book the client. With Dubsado you can add a lead capture form to your website and your social media profiles. This lead capture form will add their information directly into Dubsado so you can keep all of your lead/client information in one place. 🎉

After you create a lead capture form that eliminates your manual data entry, you can connect a simple workflow (automation) to that form that will immediately email your leads and send you a reminder to follow up. (Even if you aren’t super comfortable with tech, this is super easy to do.

Be sure to include the following three things to create an effective fast follow-up email.

Thank them for their inquiry and let them know how excited you are to learn more about their photography needs/wedding. Let them know when you’ll be back in touch, and give them a fabulous resource that’ll help them make a more informed decision. (Think link to your portfolio, a blog post you wrote about choosing a photographer for XX, or your Instagram profile where you share your most recent work. Anything that keeps them engaged with you while you review their lead capture information and decide if they’d be a good fit to move forward.)

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Clients Have a Hassle Free Booking Experience

Dubsado lets you create gorgeous proposals that give clients the opportunity to pick their packages and add-ons. You can choose to include a contract and invoice so once they make their selections, they can sign their contract right there and pay the invoice. No jumping around to various platforms or waiting for you to get back to them with a contract and invoice. (You also don’t have to manually add their information to the contract or set up the invoice.)

Streamlined Client Onboarding:

Say goodbye to the days of chasing down clients for signatures and payments. With Dubsado, you can automate your entire onboarding process, from scheduling appointments to completing questionnaires to automatically sharing your style guide to help them prepare for their session with you. Not only that, but you can create payment reminders that’ll go out until a client pays their payment. Saving you the hassle of tracking payments and manually sending reminders or worse yet having to ask them to pay at their session. Awkward.

All of this allows you to focus on what you do best—capturing stunning images. Plus, your clients will be impressed by your professional and efficient approach!

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Organized Client Management:

Who needs a cluttered inbox, random sticky notes, and spreadsheets, when you can have all your client communications and project details neatly organized in one place? Dubsado makes it easy to keep track of inquiries, bookings, and project timelines, ensuring that no moment gets lost in the chaos. Not only that, but your contracts, forms, and invoices are in the same place too. It makes my mind feel so much more relaxed just thinking about it. While we’re talking about it, Dubsado can remind people to complete forms and follow up on proposals that aren’t completed without you having to lift a finger.

Seamless Scheduling:

As photographers, your schedules can be as unpredictable as the weather forecast. But fear not! With Dubsado’s scheduling feature, you can effortlessly coordinate shoots, consultations, and client meetings without the headache of endless back-and-forth emails. You can just share a scheduling link with your availability and your client chooses the time that works for them.

It’s like having your own personal assistant, minus the coffee runs. Did I mention your new personal assistant will also send them appointment confirmations and reminders so you have fewer no-shows for consultations?

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Effortless Client Experience:

Let’s be honest—happy clients are the key to a thriving photography business. With Dubsado, you can delight your clients every step of the way, from sending personalized welcome emails to delivering galleries with a simple click. Trust me, nothing says “wow” like a seamless and stress-free experience. Even better, it makes it super easy to continuously improve your experience, because it’s all mapped out in your workflows inside your Dubsado account.

Time-Saving Automation:

Time is money, and Dubsado is here to help you reclaim both. By automating repetitive tasks like sending follow-up emails and reminders, you can free up valuable hours to focus on refining your craft or indulging in a well-deserved coffee break.

With customizable templates and automated workflows, you can infuse your client communications with your unique brand voice and personality, turning every interaction into a memorable experience. If you’d like help translating your workflows into Dubsado automation, book a 90-minute systems strategy session with me. We’ll map out your dream client experience and you’ll walk away with a plan and a checklist of everything you need to create to make it all happen. (Want even more guidance? I offer a Done With You Coached Dubsado set-up where we meet weekly for four weeks to get your Dubsado up and running with you in the drivers seat. It’s the fastest way to build your system AND learn how to use it as you go with a little help from me.)

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out on your photography journey, Dubsado is your new BFF. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a smoother, more streamlined photography business. Trust me, your future self and your clients will thank you for it!

Ready to capture more than just moments? Click here to grab my code to save on your first month or year of Dubsado and start today! 🚀📸 Then grab my mini-session checklist. Learn how you can spend less time booking minis and more time capturing amazing moments. #DubsadoForPhotographers #CaptureTheMoment #StreamlineYourBusiness

Remember, life’s too short to be stuck behind a desk. With Dubsado by your side, you can spend less time managing your business and more time doing what you love—capturing unforgettable memories, one click at a time. Cheers to your picture-perfect future! 🥂