Are you spending hours looking for ways to make Dubsado/HoneyBook do what you want or figuring out what systems to use for your specific business? Would you like an easy button?

Systems Strategy Session

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I get it, you want your systems to fit your business and you want to understand exactly how they work.

So you...

You can avoid all of that and save yourself so much stress!

Spend hours looking for answers, but that just seems to lead you to more questions.

Watch YouTube videos to see how to do things, but aren't really sure it all works the way you think it does.

Posted in Facebook Groups to get help, but everyone has a different opinion... which one is right for you and your business?

Have avoided setting up workflows in your Dubsado account because you aren't really sure what all the triggers mean and how to do it so your client doesn't get the wrong email at the wrong time. (That'd be embarassing.)

Have spent months trying to get Dubsado set up and still aren't sure it's doing everything it could for your business.

Work late managing your business and constantly check your emails on the weekends to make sure you're not missing anything.

Imagine if...

You can have all of that and more with my Systems Strategy Session

You were completely confident in the software that you chose for your business.

You were able to get your software set up in record time so you could focus on other parts of your business.

You knew that your automations did exactly what you wanted them to do, in the right order and provided an amazing client experience that got rave reviews.

You saved hours every week on admin tasks, booking appointments and managing your business?

You could relax at the end of a work day, enjoy weekends and FINALLY take that vacation you've been dreaming about.

A 90-minute one-on-one call with me (Amy Gould) to go from confused about your systems and automation to confident.

You'll leave with clarity around your systems and automation,
a complete step-by-step plan to get it all done and working for you in record time.

So you can FINALLY step away from your business and enjoy nights and weekends off...

OR take that vacation that you've been wanting.

Introducing my 90 Minute Systems Strategy Session

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I've worked with a lot of clients and heard from all of them how much time and energy they put into trying to figure out systems and automation for themselves.

They were looking for answers, trying to figure out how to make their current software fit their business and processes.They felt overwhelmed and STUCK.

Not everyone wanted a Done for You Dubsado set-up. They just wanted the plan so they could feel confident in their automation and get it all done themselves.

So, I created this program to help you do exactly that.

Hit the easy button, book time with me, get my expertise to figure it out and custom tailor everything to you and your business.

You'll get instant answers and directions to show you how you can set up your systems to remove all the extra work and create an even more amazing client experience.

Plus, you'll leave with a set of instructions telling you exactly how to do it yourself, a plan to get it all done fast (and a quote if you'd rather just hand it all over to me and my team to get it done for you.) The ULTIMATE easy button!

Hi! I'm Amy Gould

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We'll do a deep dive on your business and services so I can help you get clarity on your processes and design automations so that you can work less, make more and WOW clients.

strategy session

90 minutes goes by FAST. I'll send over a questionnaire so that you can collect your thoughts, strategize and get ready to get the most value out of our time together.

Do your Pre-work.

Schedule your your call with me.

Schedule your call

What does my Systems Strategy Session look like...

I'll give you written instructions to implement your systems and automation yourself. You'll be able to easily follow them step-by-step. In no time you'll be enjoying all the benefits of your new and improved tech.

A Plan to implement everything yourself

An implementation guide that'll walk you through the next steps so you can focus on doing one thing at a time and avoid overwhelm

 written instructions to complete your setup on your own in no time flat.

Delivered within 24-48 hours

A Recording of our call and everything we did together to reference later.

Delivered within 24-48 hours

What Can I Expect From My Strategy Session?

All of this is valued at $650

I'm offering it at $350!

— Katie Monroe

“I can’t believe I ever did all of this manually…”

“I feel like my little creative entrepreneur world is about to be blown... I’m so grateful!”

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