Kinda have things figured out with dubsado (or other tools), but just need a little help?

My 90-Minute Dubsado Workflows/Strategy Session is the Solution!

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Book a 90-minute Systems Strategy Session with me and lets crush your business tech to-do list

here are a few things I can help with

Got Dubsado workflows that've been living in your head, but don't know how to automate them?

Just tell me your ideas and I’ll help you translate them into Dubsado workflows. 

You’ll leave with a plan to knock it out or we might even implement it right there.

Trying to figure out how to create an amazing client experience for your service?

I can help you come up with a solution and build it with you right on the call or send you with instructions on how to do it yourself.

Want help figuring out how to deliver your service and create an incredible client experience from lead through offboarding?

I can help you brainstorm the entire process and tell you how you can use Dubsado to automate it all so you can spend less time on admin work and more time on doing the things you love.

Get a 90-Minute Systems Strategy Session with Amy For Just $350

Amy Gould Dubsado Setup Specialist

Who it’s for:
Business owners who have most of their Dubsado figured out, but want to get more out of it, get a little help mapping out workflows (that actually work) or tackle the tech to-do list that they’ve had in their head, but need someone to help with it. They know a little Dubsado help can save tons of time figuring it all out on their own.

What’s included:

  • 90-minute 1:1 Recorded Systems Strategy Session with me where we map out your workflows or answer your systems questions.

  • Written workflow plan (if we worked on that during our time together.)

  • Recording of the call that you can reference later.

  • You’ll leave with the confidence to implement everything we planned out with less time in front of your computer! 


Read more kind words from clients

  • Katie Monroe, Wedding Photographer“I can’t believe I ever did all of this manually…”

    “I feel like my little creative entrepreneur world is about to be blown… I’m so grateful!”

    – Katie Monroe, Kreate Photography
  • Krystalore Crews Coach“Amy is the expert in this area!”

    “My business runs like a well-oiled machine after working with her!! I’m forever grateful and my clients are wowed by their experience with what we created! Thank you!”

    – Krystalore Crews, Coach, Crews Beyond Limits
  • Katie Hawkins Wedding Hair and Make-up  “Amy has been a game-changer!

    I was nervous about trusting someone with such an important task as setting up my entire business system but Amy was fantastic.

    From the very first call, she has been on hand to answer every email, solve every issue, and hold my hand every step of the way!”

    – Katie Hawkins, Pretty Please by Katie
  • Katie Monroe is a Wedding and Brand Photographer
  • Krystalore Crews is a fitness and life coach
  • Katie Hawkins

How Do Dubsado Workflows/Strategy sessions Work?

1. Book a Call

Click the book a call link. Choose your appointment date and time for your Dubsado Workflows/Strategy Session. Fill out the attached form and pay the $350.

2. Start making your to-do list for our time together

Got a workflow you’d like to work on? Great! Start writing down the process that you want to follow. We’ll flesh it out on the call. Got a list of small tasks? Perfect! Just write out your list so we make sure to hit everything in our 90 minutes.

3. Show up to your appointment

Check your email for the confirmation and or appointment reminders. Click the Zoom link and get ready to bust out your to-do list.

Frequently Asked Questions About Strategy Sessions

You could use it for that although, you’d be better served to use it map out your workflows or troubleshoot issues in Dubsado, HoneyBook, ClickUp, Asana or Zapier. The time is yours and if you’d just like to have me walk you through how to do certain things in your system, I can do that too.

I’m happy to do Strategy Sessions that are longer than 90 minutes. If you think you need more time, send me an email at [email protected] and explain your situation. We’ll come up with a plan that suits your needs.

I’ll send you any deliverables that were created during your call and a link to the recording of our time together for your reference.