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I’ve heard from many people that they find Dubsado doesn’t align with their expectations. Dubsado help is on the way! Follow my three tips and you’ll be able start using it to it’s potential without spending countless hours figuring it out on your own. Before you get going on your Dubsado setup, you’ll want to start with my first tip.

1. Map Out Your Processes

Before you jump into Dubsado, take a moment to map out your business processes. Start with one of your services and visualize the entire journey. Think about what happens from the initial contact, how they progress, what the buying process looks like, and how you onboard them. But don’t stop there. Consider how you’re going to keep your clients informed and educated during the process. Depending on your service, this could be updates on their project or helpful tips to make the most out of working with you. Finally, finish up by mapping out your process for delivering your service and offboarding your client. Don’t forget to follow-up afterward and ask for a testimonial (or for them to fill out your feedback form.)

2. Create a Content List

Once you’ve mapped out your processes, create a content list. Jot down all the elements you need to make your workflows come to life. This includes canned emails, project statuses, tags, forms, and anything else. Having this content list prepared before diving into setting up workflows will save you a lot of time and streamline the process.

Trust me, as someone who has been doing Dubsado setups for a while now, it’s easy to waste a ton of time jumping from workflow builder to canned emails, to project statuses, to custom-mapped smart fields. It can be a real time suck! Once you’ve created everything on your list, you’ll be ready to start building your workflows.

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A content directory that I created for a recent client.

3. Seek Expert Dubsado Help

If you’ve spent hours watching YouTube Dubsado tutorial videos and still feel unsure about making Dubsado work for you, it might be time to seek help from a Dubsado Certified Specialist. Thats me! Consider scheduling a 90-minute system strategy session with me.

In this session, we’ll discuss your business, your workflows, and your ideal client experience. I’ll map out your workflows for you, then I’ll give you the list of things that you need to create before you set up your workflows and step-by-step instructions to complete everything without wasting a ton of time. Consider it a hack that’ll save you hours upon hours of researching and set-up time. Plus, it’ll give you peace of mind that you’re really getting the most out of your Dubsado setup.

By the end, you’ll have clear, step-by-step instructions to optimize your Dubsado and turn your dream processes into a reality.

Ready to stop the guesswork and get your dream processes efficiently running on Dubsado? Book your 90-minute system strategy session here. Let’s make your Dubsado work for you!