Done WITH You Dubsado Program


Want help setting up your Dubsado system with one-to-one help (and hand holding) from a Certified Pro? Then my Done with You Dubsado Setup is perfect for you!

Here’s the deal, you COULD setup Dubsado the HARD way by spending months struggling through YouTube University trying to set things up yourself, (but hows that been working out for you?)


You could setup Dubsado the EASY way by having me put together a custom plan for your Dubsado set-up that is custom tailored to your business, then guide you step by step so you can get it done right the first time in just a couple weeks. Not only that, but you’ll have access to me by Slack for 90 days to get any questions answered so you’ll never be left to your own devices.
(sounds a lot better right?)

Bottom line it’s everything you need to work less, make more and WOW clients for a fraction of the price of my white glove Done for You Dubsado service. Book a free call to see if it’s a good fit for your business.

What's Included?

"I NEVER would have figured this all out on my own. I spent hours searching for this info!"
- Juliana P.


Let's chat about working together!

Schedule a complimentary strategy sesssion with me to get started. No strings attached!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our payment plan for Done for You Dubsado Setup Service is 50% at booking and 50% before the offboarding call. Please email me if you’re looking for other options.

Assuming that you complete your questionnaires on time, your build will be complete within 4 weeks of your Process Mapping Session.

If you don’t complete questionnaires on time, your completion date may be pushed back, and additional fees may apply. On the flip side, if you’re top of things and get your questionnaires back to me sooner, you could see your system in 2-3 weeks.

It’s your responsibility to learn how to use Dubsado and your system. I set you up for success by…

Giving you recommended training inside of the client library to review while I’m setting up your system.

Showing you every step of every workflow I’ve created for you.

Leaving written to-do instructions in the workflows.

Providing a detailed Next Steps Guide and Client Training Library.

Done For You Dubsado Setup is best for businesses who have well established processes and know what they want their client experience to look like.


The businesses who get the most out of this process are ones who’ve been in business for at least a year and who have a steady stream of clients. That’s not to say you wouldn’t gain a lot of value from this process if you’re brand new. You just might have to spend more time mapping out the processes ahead of our Process Mapping Session to ensure that we don’t waste our time mapping and building processes that you might change soon after.

How Do I get started?

1. Book a Free 15 Min Call

Click the book a call button and choose a free 15 Min Discovery Call

2. Complete the proposal

After the call, complete the proposal, sign the contract and pay the invoice.

3. Check your email for next steps.

I’ll be in touch with your onboarding questionnaire soon after.