Yes, you could spend weeks in YouTube University or Googling things, but as a CEO, you could be doing so much more with your time. My Done-for-You Dubsado Service puts you back in the driver's seat of your business. I'll create every form, email template, scheduler, payment schedule and workflow SO you have everything that you need to scale your business using Dubsado systems and automation.

When I'm done, we'll go over your entire set-up one-on-one and you'll know EXACTLY how to use Dubsado and integrate it into the way you do business so you can manage EVERYTHING on your own going forward.

You're going to have so MUCH free time, you're going to wonder HOW you did it ALL before.

Dubsado Done-for-You

Turn your dubsado setup over to a pro

If you've been using spreadsheets or handwritten checklists to grow your business this far and you're tired of the stress of constantly worrying that you've missed something or worse yet, you've experienced burnout from trying to do ALL THE THINGS... I totally get it. We all needed to start there, but now that you have your business processes figured out, it's TIME to build systems and automation that will make it run on auto pilot so you can focus on the things that you love and live life again. You didn't start your business to work 12 hour days. Let's change that together.

i see you...

You're tired of working so many hours and doing everything manually in your business.

On Friday, we'll hop on a recorded Zoom call to go over EVERY step of your workflows.

Once I hand over your system, I stick around for 30 days to help with bug fixes, answer any questions and provide assistance. PLUS, I provide you with a next steps guide and training library so you can feel confident with your new system.

Step 6. offboarding & support

This is the fun part where all of the MAGIC happens. I handle everything from here on out and you can just sit back and relax. I've got you!

I'll set up your entire system and workflows to follow the outline we created during our Workflow Strategy Call.

Step 5. automation

After the Workflow Strategy Call, I'll send over a customized implementation questionnaire that will collect all the details that I need to finish your setup JUST the way you want it. This will be a bit tedious for you, but I ask that you complete this within 48 hours so I can complete your project in one week.

Step 4. Implementation questionniare

This is where we'll map out your entire dream client process. I'll chime in with additions that will make your system even more energy efficient and tweak your current processes to align with Dubsado's capabilities.

When we're done, you'll have a copy of your new workflows and the plan that I'll follow as I start creating your Dubsado system for you.

Step 3. Workflow Strategy call

My onboarding questionnaire is designed to collect EVERYTHING I need to prepare for your Workflow Strategy Call and get started on your Done-for-You Dubsado set-up. It will eliminate so much back and forth and ensure that your project is finished on time. 

Once you've completed your onboarding questionnaire, we'll schedule your Workflow Strategy Call.

Step 2. onboarding questionnaire

We'll hop on a call and discuss your business, your hopes and dreams for Dubsado and your specific system. I'll create a custom quote based on EVERYTHING you need to make that dream a reality.

Once you receive your quote, you'll be able to easily choose your option, pay the invoice & sign a contract. (One of my favorite features about Dubsado.) Then I'll send over your onboarding questionnaire.

Step 1.Discovery call & QUote

My Done-for-you dubsado process

Less, stress, overwhelm and burnout from doing EVERYTHING manually.

More confidence with their systems and how to use them (especially Dubsado.)

A sense of relief and ease because they are no longer the bottleneck for onboarding and managing clients.

A time savings of 5-10 hours per week (or more), more organization and visibility of their business.

Results my clients see...

"I can't believe I ever used to do this all manually! This is going to make such a difference in my business!" - Katie M.

Even if systems aren't intimidating to you, learning a new system or changing the way you do things can be intimidating. I promise that when we're done working together, you will feel empowered and confident in how to use your new systems.

You will feel empowered to manage your Dubsado and other systems

feel empowered

Scaling without systems and automation that supports that growth is a recipe for burnout. With systems and automation in place, you can grow with confidence.

You'll be able to grow your business and make more with less overwhelm.

Scale Confidently

With systems and automation in place, you won't be spending your time doing EVERYTHING to run your business by hand.

You'll free up 5-10 hours a week and rediscover work/life balance.

Work Less

— Katie Monroe

“I can’t believe I ever did all of this manually…”

“I feel like my little creative entrepreneur world is about to be blown... I’m so grateful!”

What customers are saying:

Your Investment:

Starts at $3,000

You'll just need to pay 50% up front to secure your project date and 50% due at your off-boarding call.

  • Workflow strategy session where we create your signature client experience and business process map.
  • Scheduler creation to avoid the back and forth email game when you are scheduling appointments & appointment reminders.
  • Copywriting for all missing canned emails that we identify in your workflow strategy session.
  • Stunning code free form design. See my portfolio for examples.
  • Package set up to save you valuable time creating estimates and proposals.
  • Client portal design and setup (along with a custom client portal guide) to ensure that your client portal matches your brand and your clients get the most out of their client portal.
  • Payment Schedule advice and reminder setup so you get paid on time, every time without extra work.
  • Workflow creation of ALL of the workflows that you need to automate your client experience and keep your Dubsado organized. You'll be amazed at how little effort is needed to run your business after this!
  • Live one-on-one Off-boarding call where you'll learn ALL about your system. I'll provide a recording so you can re-watch it whenever you want.
  • 30 days of follow-up support, bug fixes and my Dubsado Next Steps Guide with ALL the steps you need to take to get acquainted with your new system.
  • Lifetime access to my exclusive training library and any new content that I add later.

what's included

DFY Dubsado Signature Package

What would it be like if you could work less, make more and WOW clients?

With my Done for You Dubsado service you can get back 5-10 hours a week in your business EASILY. What would you do with ALL of that extra time? Launch a course, take a vacation, enjoy a few more sunsets??

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